St. Joseph’s Church (St.Mary’s)

St. Joseph’s Church, with a single nave, was founded by the Rev. Don Gismondo Marino in 1709. The date is engraved on the façade on the right side of the central entrance. The Collegio di Maria (the convent) was later annexed to it.
The church has a marble floor, snow-white walls, and simple architecture. It has two side altars. On the right is the Sacred Heart of Jesus altar with two high reliefs by the artist Cangialosi of Lercara Friddi, representing Blessed Claudio De La Colombière and St Francis de Sales. The altar on the left is dedicated to Our Lady of Fervour. The high altar is adorned with two twisted columns and cherubs and is surmounted by the wooden simulacrum of St Joseph and the Child, while the staff, halo and flower are made of silver.